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Free worldwide shipping over 50€/$


Techno is a lifestyle and we strive to create high quality Techno clothing and accessories for all year round.

About us

We have a long history with Techno music. We are avid music collectors, attendees of endless parties and festivals, and we contribute to the scene through our own productions and by playing at parties across Europe.

The idea to create a Techno clothing brand came to us a few years ago and time after we decided to move on it. Since that moment we’ve worked on the project tirelessly, with enthusiasm, seriousness and leaving nothing to chance.”

About our way of working

We take the time and dedication to capture our connection with Techno music in our clothing. We put a special focus on all of the designs on our garments and ensure that they are well balanced with the size and proportions of each item.

We also are very specific about who we work with in order to meet the highest quality standards, from sourcing raw materials all the way to when the order reaches you, because the most important for us is to make you feel great anytime you wear any of our techno clothing products.

Our social and environmental approach

Since the moment we started our Techno clothing brand, we've tried to ensure that we are as sustainable as possible.

Our clothes and bags are printed with vegan inks, meaning that they have never been tested on animals nor undergone any other procedure which can harm our environment. Some of the materials used to make our garments are recycled, and we have made progress with our T-Shirts, dresses, and hoodie dresses, which are made from 100% organic cotton and have GOTS and OEKO Text certification.  

We still have room for improvement when it comes to being sustainable and we commit to make continuous incremental changes as soon as we have the opportunity. For now, you can take a look at our sustainable certifications here

We will keep designing, we will keep improving.

Welcome to Techno Cloth.